About Us

Our company is a company that strives to leave its mark in the construction, engineering, and construction materials sales sector with its successful works taking into account the policies of integrity, honesty, and stability since its establishment. We continue on our way at full speed in line with the same goals as a TOSKA GRUP which is our new face.

TOSKA GRUP has been a candidate to become a sought-after company in the construction sector especially in the construction materials (suspended ceiling and carrier systems, construction chemicals, insulation group, plaster group ... etc.) sector which develops itself with its devoted and meticulous work thanks to its strong marketing network. Our company has been offering all products and services to our customers without sacrificing quality and ethical values, exceeding expectations every time since its establishment. In this way, our company which has a wide customer portfolio provides added value to its customers and employees, reaches large masses with its products and services, is aware of its social responsibility, and lives the peace of being loyal to its values. In addition, our company is proud of being a global business that comes to mind first and is preferred with its reliability, quality management, extensive service network, leading expert staff in product diversity, and customer-oriented service approach. TOSKA GRUP which is the distributor of many manufacturers that shape the construction sector in Turkey has accomplished great works in the construction materials sales and application sector with these companies. TOSKA GRUP has revealed its quality in this field by transferring its experience in the material sector to construction. To date, it has proven to be a company that creates quality and trust with its exemplary projects in many places. TOSKA GRUP aims to create projects that are exemplary and that can be lived with quality, trust, and pleasure to the purpose for a brand-new concept in construction with the vision of its founders who are engineers. We as a TOSKA GRUP continue our march with steps by adding value to our services day by day in line with our values such as customer orientation, mutual respect, transparency, trust, justice, sense of responsibility, competitiveness, and most importantly unconditional customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

The focus of our company is to provide services with applicable high technology and methods in the fields it serves, Taking a share of the pie of the global market by developing and maintaining our construction materials marketing and construction activities. Providing services that meet customer expectations or exceed customer expectations.

Our Vision

Marketing in the fields of construction materials, engineering, construction with project management, producing information, sharing information and competing, to sign large and comprehensive projects and marketing our domestic construction materials to the whole world as a construction company that has a say in the sector. Competitive service is to reach the widest customer group with all kinds of private and public institutions, companies and individuals in line with the principle of high quality.