Clip-In Metal Suspended Ceiling

Suspended Ceiling Panels are panels produced from aluminum or hot-dip galvanized sheets, resistant to corrosion, homogeneous, A1 fire class, electrostatic powder painting and can be painted to the desired RAL color. They can have perforated or flat surfaces in sizes and sheet thicknesses suitable for their needs. There are edge detail alternatives suitable for different carrier systems. There is acoustic fabric on the back of the perforated panels. These panels are optionally available without fabric.
Usage areas
It can be used in places like airports, hospitals, offices, banks, hotels, gas stations, kitchens and bathrooms, restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, shops, shopping malls, industrial buildings, etc.
  • It is long-lasting due to its material structure,
  • Long-lasting vivid colors are obtained with the oven paint feature.
  • Hygienic and bacteria-free features can be provided with the option of antibacterial paint,
  • Moisture resistance is much higher than other ceilings, -Acoustic quality can be increased with perforated and mattresses,
  • It has A1 class fire resistance,
  • Lightweight, does not add extra load to buildings,
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble. It facilitates access to the installation and saves labor and time,
  • Provides concealment of installations such as electrical, mechanical, and ventilation,