Hand and Machine Plaster Mortar with Perlite

Hand and Machine Plaster Mortar; High performance cement based environmental friendly plaster with special aggregate that alsa provides heat insulation. ASVİL PLASTER can be applied with plastering machines, and alsa by hand on exterior and interior facades.
  • lnterior and exterior facades,
  • On walls and ceilings, especially on brute concrete surfaces.
  • On columns, girders, and concrete walls that also bear load.
  • For mineral and organic based plasters as a top plaster or primary plaster.
  • As a base for thin applications of adhesives for ceramic tiles or marbles.
  • On foundation levels and below foundation levels where the sun exposure is not present.
  • On basements where exposure to moisture is constant.
  • Also can be used as final layer plaster to prepare walls for single applications of wall papers and paint.