Open Celled Suspended Ceiling

Open Celled Suspended Ceiling; has self carriers in this system. Cells can be produced as 5x5cm, 7.5x7.5cm, 10x10cm, 15x15cm, 20x20cm, 30x30cm according to project. These panels cover the equipment on the ceiling like a mask and give a decorative look. It provides a better look if the distance is more when the cell dimensions get larger. Open-cell ceilings with several alternative designs can be used in hospitals, offices, industrial buildings, banks, hotels, shopping malls, airports, sports centers, etc.
  • Easy to install, dismantle, maintenance
  • Gives esthetic, consistent look with several dimensions
  • Not prevents air circulation between the original ceiling.
  • Easy to stock by deconstructed structure.
  • It has a self-carrier, single-piece ceiling look.