Stretch Ceiling Systems

Special material like transparent, metallic, bright or MAT LAKE, suede texture are being heated and installed in this system.
  • It offers many alternatives with imagination in its usage area with transparent, metallic, glossy, and matte lacquered, suede textured, and digitally printed options,
  • Available for all interiors,
  • Light and not brings extra weight to the building,
  • Easy cleaning and hygienic,
  • High acoustic performance,
  • Doesn't get affected by vibration because of flexible structure,
  • Is suitable for hidden lighting and spot, fiber optic,
  • Right solution for wide areas lighting,
  • Doesn't get affected by moist and water, sweat proof,
  • Easy installation, doesn't contaminate around
  • Lower energy consumption and cost
  • Long life
  • Powerful lighting with several colors
  • Doesn't release heat
  • Işık güçlü ve verimlidir,
  • Değişik renklerde aydınlatma imkanı verir
  • Ortamı ısısını yükseltmez,
  • Aydınlatma maliyeti daha düşüktür.
  • PVC Stretch Ceiling System Products
    • Transparent, metallic, bright, or MAT LAKE, suede texture materials
    • Side seals
    • Side and connection profiles